here are some pictures of past builds, and the results of their use!  Enjoy!

Tennessee Handle

Turkey calls

Surf rod with my and my wife's family crests.

12 guage butt

Gadwall feather inlay

Very early call. with antler stopper

close-up of a wrap on a fiberglass rod.

Custom reel seat and handle.

Osage wood duck

Deer grunt. Walnut.

Another duck call, walnut and osage.

Hand cut, single-reed mallard.

wwod duck feather inlay

Catalpa wood and cork grip, catalpa reel seat.

Hand made grip and reel seat.

Close-up of a wrap.

Wraps on BOJC

Hand-turned reel seats on the BOJC rods

BOJC rods, complete with Jungle Cock feather inlay.

Rods built for the Pennsylvania Chapter of Brotherhood of the Junglecock.

St. Croix rod I built several years ago for Ducks Unlimited.